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Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, I walk with you through presenting problems, discuss what your goals or objectives are for counseling and seek to provide a way to cope and move forward. I work to develop a therapeutic relationship, and want to understand what is going on in your world, what pressures and stresses you face and what brings you joy and wholeness.  Healing often happens in relationship, and it's in that connected place that we begin to unlock those parts of ourselves that leave us feeling stuck.

"If you are struggling, I would be honered to have the opportunity to connect with you and provide support on your journey of healing."

                                                                                          -Kurt Nichols

Individuals with anxiety experience debilitating, potentially paralyzing fears that effect their lives no matter how small they may appear. 


Depression feels like moving through fog. It feels oppressive and disorienting, but lacks the physical texture to know how to move beyond it


Addiction can feel impossible to overcome and creates a cycle of destruction in our lives. Those who struggle through addiction feel powerlessness, shame, and isolation.

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